Zelenskyj demands new sanctions because of the gas crisis

DFrom the Ukrainian President’s point of view, the throttling of Russian gas supplies to Europe should be avoided Volodymyr Zelenskyy entail new Western sanctions against Moscow. “Because it is clear to everyone that this is deliberate price terror by Russia against Europe,” said Zelenskyy on Tuesday evening in his daily video address. But not only in the energy sector, but also in space, Russia breaks with former partners. Moscow wants to end cooperation in space for the maintenance of the International Space Station (ISS) by 2024 at the latest.

In the Ukraine again the fighting continues. In the east of the country, the troops loyal to Russia say they get hold of an important power plant. For Ukraine it is the 154th day of the war.

Gas is getting less and less

The Russian energy company Gazprom cuts deliveries through the most important supply line for Germany to 20 percent this Wednesday. The reason given by the state-owned company is that an important turbine has not yet been repaired and another one now has to be serviced. Politicians in Europe speak of a pretext.

With the help of Gazprom do Moscow everything to make this winter the hardest in history for European countries, said Zelenskyy. With its announcement that deliveries via Nord Stream 1 would be further reduced, Moscow deliberately provoked the rise in gas prices on the stock exchange. “It is necessary to respond to terror – to respond with sanctions,” said Zelenskyy.

Russians report capture of important power plant in Ukraine

Meanwhile, the energy supply for Ukraine itself in the coming winter will become increasingly problematic. In the eastern Ukrainian region of Donetsk, Russian troops say they have taken control of Ukraine’s largest coal-fired power plant near Svitlodarsk. On Tuesday, Donetsk separatist media reported the capture. Pictures should prove the presence of Russian mercenaries of the so-called Wagner group in front of the administration building. According to other reports, however, the fighting around the power plant site, which had been going on since the end of May, continued. The information cannot be verified independently.

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