Zelenskyj demands justice for Ukraine

Zelenskyj demands justice for Ukraine

Mhe President of Ukraine has a look at the victims and destruction caused by the Russian war of aggression Volodymyr Zelenskyy urging justice for his country. “Justice for our state, for all our people who lost their relatives, their friends, their health, their home and their normal life because of the Russian aggression, because of the terror of the occupying forces,” he said in his evening video address on Friday

Zelenskyj: The day of justice will come

Zelenskyj commemorated the victims of the short Russian occupation on Friday in the Kiev suburb of Bucha with international guests. The Moldovan President attended the commemoration Maia Sandu and the heads of government of Slovakia, Slovenia and Croatia – Eduard Heger, Robert Golob and Andrej Plenkovic.

After their invasion a good 13 months ago, Russian troops conquered the small town in early March 2022 Bucha near Kyiv. On March 30th they withdrew again. Three days later, published images of the bound bodies of civilians caused international outrage. Bucha is a symbol of Russian war crimes around the world.

In the afternoon Zelenskyi held a conference of “United for Justice” with his guests justice), at which Ukraine wants to gather support for the prosecution of Russian war crimes. “And the day will come when the world will hear that justice has been restored to Ukraine,” Zelenskyi announced.

Zelenskyj about the possible end of the war

At his meeting with foreign heads of state and government, Zelenskyi reaffirmed his vision of a peaceful solution. First, a representative of Russia – whoever that might be, he doesn’t know – must withdraw all troops from all areas of the country without a fight Ukraine pull it off. “Then the diplomatic format begins,” Zelenskyy was quoted as saying by the Ukrainian media. However, should Ukraine be forced to forcefully expel all Russians, then there would be nothing to talk about in view of the many victims. “Then what should you even talk about with people like that?”

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