Zelenski plans to meet with Biden in Washington on Wednesday

Zelenski plans to meet with Biden in Washington on Wednesday

Washington Speculations about a possible visit by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky have increased in the US capital Washington. He wants to speak personally to the US Congress this Wednesday and also to the US President Joe Biden meet, reported several US media on Tuesday evening (local time). It would be the Ukrainian president’s first trip abroad since Russia’s war of aggression began in February. There was no official confirmation of a visit in Washington. There was also no information from Kyiv about a planned trip.

First, the online news site “Punchbowl News” reported on the planned trip – other US media quickly followed. Although the details have not yet been determined, the US Capitol police have increased security for a possible visit on Wednesday, the news portal Axios wrote, citing several unnamed sources. A reporter from the station CBS quoted a member of parliament on Twitter, who confirmed the plans. However, she emphasized that it was not yet clear whether it would really work.

Zelensky has not left his country since the war began on February 24. For appearances on the political world stage – for example at the G7 summit in Elmau, Bavaria – he always left the Ukraine tune in The Ukrainian President has already traveled to the combat zone several times – in contrast to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has not been to the front once.

Zelenskiy previously said in his video address on Tuesday that this week is extremely important for Ukraine “to get through this winter and next year” and “to get the support we need to finally have the Ukrainian flag flying on all sections of our border.” “.

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United States could support Ukraine with powerful anti-aircraft defense system

The US has provided Ukraine with billions in military aid since the beginning of the war. Recently there have been reports that the US government is considering supplying Ukraine with the powerful Patriot air defense system. So far, there has been no official confirmation from Washington. However, the government did not dismiss the reports as false. The Patriot air defense system would see the maps in the by Russia attacked Ukraine according to experts partly reshuffle. It can repel aircraft, cruise missiles, drones or missiles even at a greater distance.

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Moscow recently warned Washington of a Patriot delivery. Like other heavy weapons, these complexes would become “legitimate priority targets” for Russian forces, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said last week in Moscow. The US government is already delivering Himars multiple rocket launchers and the Nasams air defense system to Ukraine.

On Tuesday they had republican and Democrats in the US Congress also agreed on a budget proposal with a volume of 1.7 trillion US dollars (1.6 trillion euros). Among other things, it provides for 44.9 billion US dollars (42.3 billion euros) in aid for Ukraine. However, the Senate and the House of Representatives still have to vote on the draft.

Outgoing Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi wrote in a letter on Tuesday urging MPs “to be present in person at Wednesday night’s session”. She did not give an explicit reason for this and only wrote: “Please be present on Wednesday evening when we are particularly concentrating on democracy.”

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