Youtube is hot on Spotify's heels

SA whopping $16.9 billion of the $25.9 billion in total revenue in the global recorded music market alone (not counting the publishing business) came from streaming in 2021. How much money from the services each to the music industry is distributed, but can only be broken down in a few cases.

It is relatively easy in the case of Spotify. The market leader is listed on the stock exchange and thus provides reliable quarterly information on sales, user numbers and other key figures. From here, Spotify's contribution is not difficult to calculate. All services pay around two-thirds of their total revenue to the music industry.

This sum includes license payments for the rights to recordings and the underlying texts and compositions; The latter generally account for around 20 percent, with 80 percent going to the side of the recordinge. In 2021, Spotify paid out more than $7 billion to a wide variety of rights holders for the more than 70 million songs represented on the platform. The service also published the number on its “Loud & Clear” data page at the end of March. The Swedish service had 188 million paying users at the end of the second quarter.

Apple and Amazon remain silent

Far away from Spotify it gets more difficult. The smaller French service Deezer went public in Paris in July, so there will be more insights here in the future. With numbers to Apple and Amazon However, the two tech giants are deliberately holding back on music. Music services are primarily seen as part of the overall ecosystem. As a result, they are silent about individual distributions, the latest subscriber numbers for Apple Music are from June 2019 (more than 60 million). At the beginning of 2020, Amazon declared that it had around 55 million users - including the limited free offer compared to Spotify's.

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Youtube, on the other hand, has got used to reporting regularly at least on the distributions to the music industry. In September 2021, the Google subsidiary also announced that it had more than 50 million paying YouTube Music and YouTube Premium subscribers. At 11.99 euros per month, the latter is two euros more expensive than the usual music subscription and also allows you to watch videos without advertising.

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