Young workers are more likely to suffer from depression

Young workers are more likely to suffer from depression

Depression and burnout are a major cause of sick leave and disability.

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Garching Younger workers get sick based on an insurance survey Swiss Life more likely to suffer from depression than the older baby boomer generation. In the 55+ age group, a good third (34 percent) have already done so suffered from depression, as the survey institute YouGov determined on behalf of the company. In the younger age groups from 18 to 54, on the other hand, between 38 and 40 percent said so.

YouGov surveyed 2,865 men and women ages 18 and older in June. According to the company, the results of the survey published on Friday are representative.

The number of sick leave due to mental illness has been increasing for several years, as health insurance companies regularly report. "Unfortunately, depression now occurs very early in life and then often influences one's professional career," said Stefan Holzer, Member of the Management Board of Swiss Life Germany.

Health - or illness - is a frequent topic of conversation among colleagues at work, but according to the survey, very few people talk about depression. According to the survey, only a minority of two percent of those who have been depressed in the past said that they had spoken to supervisors or colleagues about the illness.

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More than two-thirds (68 percent), on the other hand, said that dealing openly with the disease was bad for your career. A third looked for a new job after overcoming the depression. The experts at the insurance company see this as proof that there is still a stigma attached to mental illness.

The increase in depression is not only reflected in sick leave statistics. According to Swiss Life's own data from disability insurance, depression (as of the end of 2019) was the most common cause of early retirement.

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