You can rely on Germany in the Ukraine war

You can rely on Germany in the Ukraine war

ZFederal President has announced the first anniversary of the Russian attack on Ukraine Frank Walter Steinmeier promised further extensive German aid to the attacked country. Steinmeier said on Friday in Berlin that Germany is today, including militarily, its biggest supporter on the European continent. “And despite all the controversial, sometimes shrill debates, I’m sure: we will continue to be.” With a view to what is still to come, he says: “You can rely on Germany.”

If Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin seriously wants an end to the war, his troops would have to withdraw Ukraine withdraw, said Steinmeier, according to the speech transcript. “Russia must be unmistakably clear: There can be no victory in its criminal war.” Putin wants to win with all his might, but the truth is: “Whoever allows murder and killing, whoever bombs Ukraine to pieces, destroys cities and kidnaps children, who even lets his own soldiers bleed to death senselessly day after day, he will never stand before history as a winner, he has already lost!”

Steinmeier was skeptical as to whether China could play a constructive role in efforts to bring about a just peace. “If that is the case, then China should not only talk to Moscow, but also to Kiev. If so, then China should join the overwhelming majority of states and work for peace under the umbrella of the United Nations.” China had previously called for a ceasefire in the Ukraine war and submitted a twelve-point paper.

The Federal President emphasized that Western defense aid was not prolonging the war, rather it was Russia. “It’s not Ukraine nor its allies that are refusing peace – it’s Russia.” Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and numerous members of his cabinet attended the central event marking the beginning of the war at Bellevue Palace. Bundestag President Bärbel Bas and Bundesrat President Peter Tschentscher (both SPD) also came.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thanked the federal government for its support. “Germany is helping us,” says Selenskyj, who was added after Steinmeier’s speech. He also asked for continued support for his country. “We are able to put an end to Russian aggression this year,” says Zelenskyy, according to the translator. And then nobody will dare any more aggression “if he knows that the free world is determined enough to defend freedom”.

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