Xi: US and West want to contain China – Politics

Xi: US and West want to contain China – Politics

The Chinese head of state accuses the US and its western allies of wanting to suppress his country, which poses a major challenge.

With unusually direct words, China’s head of state and party leader Xi Jinping USA and accused the West of wanting to slow down his country’s rise in the world. On the fringes of the current annual session of the People’s Congress in Beijing, the president said, according to the state media on Tuesday, that the environment for China’s development had “changed dramatically” and that the imponderables had increased sharply.

“Western countries in particular, led by the United States, are pursuing all-out containment, encirclement and suppression of China, posing unprecedented severe challenges for China’s development.” at the same time China Faced with multiple difficulties, Xi Jinping said, citing repeated Covid-19 outbreaks and increasing pressure on the second-largest economy as examples.

His open criticism contrasted with previous statements in which China’s leaders had mostly spoken vaguely of “certain countries” without directly naming the United States or the West. The comments came during discussions with delegates to the Consultative Conference, an advisory body of distinguished figures that meets in parallel with the People’s Congress.

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