Xi, Erdoğan and Modi make announcements to Putin – politics

The heads of government of India, Turkey and China presented themselves as allies of Russia. But what they say about the war against Ukraine could be interpreted as a departure from the Kremlin. Are they changing course?


Tomas Avenarius, Silke Bigalke, Florian Mueller and David Piper

It will Narendra Modi probably liked that his words from Samarkand have traveled around the world that the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal even hinted at a change of course in the statements made by the Indian Prime Minister. It underscores the importance Modi attaches to his vast country and thus to himself. “I know that today is not an era of war and I spoke to you on the phone about it,” Modi said to Vladimir Putin at an appointment that was televised. The Russian President pursed his lips, glanced at Modi and then down. In the West, this was taken as public censure.

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