Wyoming becomes first state to ban abortion pill

Wyoming becomes first state to ban abortion pill

Iamidst the fight for a comprehensive abortion ban in the United States Wyoming first state to ban abortion pills. In signing an executive order Friday, Gov. Mark Gordon urged lawmakers to go one step further, to include a total ban on abortion in the state constitution and then put it to voters for a vote. The Republican stressed that he would not back down in the fight against abortion.

A federal court in Texas is currently considering a statewide ban on the most common abortion pill, mifepristone. Abortion advocates are concerned about the trial because arch-conservative Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk’s decision could have huge repercussions.

Mifepristone is used in more than one in two abortions in the United States. Former President’s donald trump appointed federal judge Kacsmaryk could now revoke her license.

The Government of President Joe Biden had already warned against such a decision at the beginning of March. “This move would be devastating for women,” said White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre. The government is working to “be prepared for any possible outcome”.

Abortion rights are one of the most contentious and contested socio-political issues in the United States. The country’s Supreme Court abolished the country’s fundamental right to abortion last June – a ruling that triggered a political earthquake. The Supreme Court’s decision gave states the right to massively restrict or ban abortion. Many conservative states have already done so.

Mifepristone, known in Germany by the trade name Mifegyne, is used in the United States in combination with the drug misoprostol for abortions. Many women prefer a medical abortion to an instrumental intervention. According to the Guttmacher Institute, which advocates for abortion rights, 15 states already restrict access to mifepristone by requiring only a doctor to administer it there.

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