“Wrong – uncensored”: This is what viewers can expect in season 2

“Wrong – uncensored”: This is what viewers can expect in season 2

Start of the second season
“Wrong – uncensored”: Why this series really hurts to watch – and is still celebrated

"Wrong - uncensored": This series knows no taboos.

Lena Meckel, David Helmut, Stefanie Alder, Titus Kraus, Melisa Dobric and Nicolas F. Türksever (from left) play roommates in “Wrong – uncensored”.

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body secretions, sex, drug excesses: If you watch “Wrong – uncensored” you shouldn’t shy away from unpleasant scenes. The first season was well received – now the sequel is in the starting blocks. For those who don’t know “Wrong – uncensored” yet, he explains starwhat it is and reveals what the series creators and main cast are saying about Season 2.

David, Titus and Melisa take home a homeless man after a night out. The frozen man is allowed to spend the night with them. Sounds like a good deed at first, if there wasn’t a bizarre reason for the social commitment. Melisa accidentally peed on the man. Out of pity, he is allowed to sleep on the floor of the flat share corridor. But that’s not all: the friends exploit their apparently good deed on Instagram to make themselves popular with the followers – until everything flies up in the end. It’s one of many scenes from season 1 that induce a shuddering sense of alien shame.

What is “Wrong – Uncensored”?

“Wrong – uncensored” started in March last year on the streaming platform RTL + and is aimed primarily at young viewers. The comedy series tells the story of a chaotic Hamburg flat-sharing community. A camera team captures the everyday madness of residents and visitors. Always Once again, the protagonists maneuver themselves into situations that can only go wrong.Then they tell of their misdeeds in interview sequences.

The concept should be familiar to some series junkies: a fictional story that looks like a documentary – called a mockumentary. The successful German series “Die Discounter” (Amazon Prime) and “Stromberg” (Netflix) also work according to this principle. Director David Helmut, who also plays David on his series, says: “Shows like ‘Stromberg’ and the type of humor inspired me to make ‘Wrong’.

“Nowadays a line has to be crossed”

In general, viewers’ expectations of humor have changed, according to the 36-year-old. “We are flooded with series and films by streaming providers. Much of what you see has already been seen. Today you have to cross a line to touch the viewer emotionally,” he says. But why come scary and beautiful? Foreign shame scenes so well with the viewers?

The Hamburg psychologist Christine Geschke knows the answer. “Many people like to watch these series because you can have a kind of self-awareness here,” says Geschke. “You have an interesting borderline experience that doesn’t have any really unpleasant consequences for you.” Exposing yourself to these painfully funny feelings for a moment can also be a kick.

Embarrassing situations on set

But the scenes of “Wrong – uncensored” are not only uncomfortable for the viewers. Melisa Dobrić tells of a shooting situation in the 2nd season, which was a bit embarrassing for her. “I had a scene with a guy that was about his private parts. I’m basically embarrassed about that,” she reveals. “It’s not a problem to embarrass myself. But when others are involved, I find it difficult,” says the 30-year-old. As Melisa she plays one of the main roles in “Wrong – uncensored”.

Niclas G. Icewood and Melisa Dobrić in a scene from Season 2 "Wrong - uncensored"

Niclas G Icewood and Melisa Dobric in a scene of the second season “Wrong – uncensored”


Dobrić is a podcaster, model and also a well-known influencer in real life. On Instagram, she convinces around 106,000 followers with her cheeky, easy-going manner. She dances silly in a baggy look in front of the camera and shows blunt excerpts from her private life. Basically, she’s rarely embarrassed, which is why the series suits her so well. Dobrić and director David Helmut reveal about season 2: “It gets more emotional. The series gains depth as a result.”

What can already be revealed: In season 2, Melisa thinks she has found love, David and Lena remain the (nightmare) dream couple on-off. Nico must finally learn to love himself. Dennis’ cousin Mona is just as weird as he is and Titus fights his addiction to love and sex.

The second season of “Wrong – uncensored” starts on February 21 on RTL +.

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