World Cup qualification: with Schröder or without? Basketball players face a challenge

World Cup Qualification
With Schroeder or without? Basketball players face a challenge

Dennis Schröder traveled to Sweden with them.  Photo: Michael Schwartz/dpa

Dennis Schröder traveled to Sweden with them. photo

© Michael Schwartz/dpa

The plagued basketball players hope for their leader. Dennis Schröder has traveled to Sweden, but his assignment in Stockholm is still open.

For national basketball coach Gordon Herbert had captain Dennis Schroeder already deserves special praise for the journey to Stockholm.

“Dennis coming to Sweden is another testament to his strong bond with the national team,” said Herbert before today’s World Cup qualifier against Sweden (6.30 p.m. / Magentasport). Whether he will then play should only be decided on the day of the game in consultation with the medical staff.

Head coach Herbert is confronted with numerous cancellations in this home EM year and now hopes that at least his star can participate in the World Cup qualifier and the following tournament (from September 1st).

Game against Sweden will be a “real challenge”

But first the focus is on the Swedes. “We’re concentrating fully on the game against Sweden. Because our first goal is to qualify for the World Cup next year as quickly as possible. And that’s where the game is extremely important,” said Herbert. It’ll be a “real challenge” in the crowded arena Stockholm to pass.

In the group of six, Germany must occupy one of the top three places in order to be a permanent fixture in Japan, Indonesia and the Philippines in 2023. If the double pack against Sweden and on Sunday (3 p.m. / Magentasport) in Munich against Slovenia succeed, the ticket would almost be bought. “Sweden have a good team that plays with high intensity. The Swedes are very dangerous, especially in front of their home crowd,” said Bayern professional Andreas Obst.

The personnel situation is anything but simple. Four NBA professionals have already canceled for the entire summer, and Daniel Theis from the Indiana Pacers is also out due to knee problems and won’t be back until the European Championships at the earliest. Now Schröder could also be missing, then Franz Wagner would only be one of seven NBA professionals left for the moment. “We have to deal with the turbulent preparation and the difficult personal situation,” said Obst.


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