World Cup ambassador Khalid Salman outraged with anti-gay statements

Dhe Foreign Office, through its spokeswoman Andrea Sasse, sharply criticized the derogatory statements made by a Qatari World Cup ambassador about homosexuals. However, the Foreign Ministry is not currently planning a warning for LGBTIQ people traveling to the emirate during the World Cup. In the ZDF documentary “Geheimsache Qatar”, former Qatar national team player Khalid Salman described being gay as “mental damage”.

“From our point of view, this is an incredibly homophobic failure,” said Sasse on Wednesday at the federal press conference. “That also contradicts what our contacts in the Qatari government have promised us.” The government Qatar’s have assured that all fans are welcome at the World Cup starting on November 20th. “We rely on that,” said the spokeswoman. In general, there is no warning against traveling to Qatar.

had in the past week Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser According to their own statements, they received a “security guarantee” from Qatar’s Prime Minister and Interior Minister Sheikh Chalid bin Chalifa Al-Thani. “There is no reason for us to doubt this guarantee,” said spokesman Maximilian Kall from the Ministry of the Interior.

The travel and safety information for Qatar at the Federal Foreign Office states that LGBTIQ travelers should be aware that in the Islamic state “homosexual acts and extramarital sex are prohibited and will be prosecuted”. The information would be continuously adjusted, “if necessary,” said spokeswoman Sasse.

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