World Cup 2022: DFB team shocked by the ban on pads – Sané is out

Before World Cup game against Japan
DFB player “shocked” by “One Love” ban according to Flick – Müller back, Sané is out

DFB coach Hansi Flick is not only worried about the ban on the "one love"-Bnde, but also because of the absence of Leroy Sané

DFB coach Hansi Flick is not only worried about the ban on the “One Love” bandage, but also about Leroy Sané’s failure

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At the press conference before the opening game of the World Cup, national coach Hansi Flick hardly allowed himself to be looked at. He describes the reaction of the players because of “One Love” all the more clearly.

The German national football players have loud Hansi Flick “Very, very dissatisfied” and “shocked” at Fifa’s ban on the “One Love” captain’s armband. “Because it is a sign of human rights, of diversity, these are the values ​​that we represent and live by,” said the national coach on Tuesday at the World Cup media center in Al-Rajjan. “I think it’s a shame that you can no longer stand up for human rights.”

The world association Fifa had banned seven European nations from wearing the multicolored bandage during the World Cup on Monday and threatened sporting sanctions. DFB captain is goalkeeper Manuel Neuer. “If it’s a yellow card, everything is okay. Then Jo Kimmich is captain, Thomas Müller for the third game. That wouldn’t have been a problem,” said Flick. However, Fifa had left the exact nature of the sanction open.

Kimmich is surprised by the decision because of “One Love”

“The associations said we don’t want to chase the players in there, we’re taking the pressure off, which is reasonable,” said Flick. He is not planning a personal action for himself. That’s no use, said Flick, because it was the joint decision of the associations. Then “you should also stand by the decisions together,” said the national coach.

Leader Kimmich said he was “surprised” by the decision. Also because the bandage was critically eyed and “talked madly” a month ago. “Now I have the feeling it’s a strong sign for everyone. I think it’s generally the case that we’ve repeatedly addressed the grievances.” The focus should also be on sports.

Flick doesn’t reveal much before the game against Japan

Before the important first German World Cup game against Japan, Flick hardly allowed himself to be looked at in the personnel cards. “Manuel Neuer will play in goal and Jo Kimmich is here”, so he assumes that the midfielder will also be in the starting XI, said Flick the day before the game on Wednesday (2 p.m. / ARD and MagentaTV). World Cup routine Thomas Müller is “definitely really an option” after his long break from competition, said Flick. “I can confirm that.” The 33-year-old from FC Bayern also “did a good job” in the final training session, the national coach added. “We were satisfied. The fact is that we have one more option through Thomas Müller.

On the other hand, Flick very much regrets the absence of offensive player Leroy Sané for the German World Cup opening game against Japan on Wednesday. But there is “hope” that the 26-year-old from FC Bayern could be in the second game against Spain next Sunday, said Flick on Tuesday evening in the media center of the finals in Al-Rajjan. On Wednesday (2 p.m. / ARD and MagentaTV) Sané will be absent due to problems with his right knee.

“It’s bitter that we’re on Leroy have to do without,” said Flick. “He’s a difference player, he can turn a game alone.” “The whole team is working on the return of the offensive player.


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