World Bank president fears for job after climate change thesis

Wfew days before the beginning of the annual meeting of World Bank and International Monetary Fund, World Bank President David Malpass appears to have concerns about his job security. He had provoked upset in the White House because he had revived old doubts about his attitude to climate change in a panel discussion.

Speaking at New York Climate Week, he was asked if he thought burning fossil fuels was rapidly and dangerously warming the planet. At first, Malpass tried to avoid the question, only to say, “I don’t even know. I’m not a scientist.”

No comment from Biden

These statements triggered calls for resignation from so-called climate activists. The most prominent among them, the former Vice President of the USA, Al Gore, called Malpass a “climate change denier,” adding, “We need to get rid of this leadership, appoint new leadership,” Gore said. He hopes President Joe Biden will take the initiative.

There is no official comment from Binding. The US Treasury Department made it clear that the World Bank has a leading role to play in the fight against the climate change expect

Malpass himself saw the criticism as so threatening that he went on the media offensive and at the same time tried to appease his employees in the development aid institution in an internal letter. He made it clear to the broadcaster CNN and the newspaper Politico that he was not a “climate change denier”. “It is clear that greenhouse gases from human activity are causing climate change,” he said in the Politico interview. The World Bank promotes those projects that would have the greatest impact.

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