Wolf in Berlin-Spandau: “He’s doing a sightseeing tour”

Wolf in Berlin-Spandau: “He’s doing a sightseeing tour”

Ein Wandering Wolf has to make calls to the Berlin police guided. Several people observed the animal in Berlin-Spandau and called the police on Saturday evening, the situation center said on Sunday. A spokesman said there were more calls on Sunday morning. The “Berliner Zeitung” had previously reported.

“Our colleagues were able to view the animal themselves and take photos and videos,” he said. An expert from the Senate Environmental Administration examined the recordings. According to his assessment, it is a young single animal, probably a male, which probably comes from the Döberitzer Heide. “He’s going on a sightseeing tour,” said the police spokesman.

A pack of wolves settled in the nature reserve west of Berlin in 2021. Initially, two parent animals and four puppies were sighted on the site, in May 2022 the Heinz Sielmannn Foundation assumed a total of eight wolves on the site.

The animal, which has now been sighted in Berlin, is “not confrontational,” the police said. So far there is no reason to intervene. The police spokesman advised passers-by not to approach the animal.

It’s not the first wolf sighted in the capital. In January 2020, for example, young wolf “July” from Saxony, who wore a transmitter, stuck her nose in Berlin-Adlershof after a long hike. According to the Berlin environmental administration, she left no trace apart from the transmitter data. After a short time, “July” moved on to Mecklenburg.

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