With this plan to the top of the Bundesliga

With this plan to the top of the Bundesliga

Team of the hour: Eintracht made their dream come true.
Image: Huebner

Eintracht Frankfurt has a plan. In small, well-considered steps, the Hessians want to get there to challenge FC Bayern and the other top German clubs. What’s behind it?

Dhe scenes that played out minutes after the final whistle in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main region brought back memories of the 2006 World Cup in Germany and winning the 2014 World Cup title in Brazil. Thousands met on the streets, motorcades sprang up, horn concerts were organised, spontaneous celebration cells formed to let out the huge emotions.

Yes, Eintracht is for Frankfurt and some regions of Hesse what the national football team once was for Germany and wants to be again: the institution with which the masses identify, the institution behind which society rallies.

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