“Wine – Climate – Taste” in Offenbach

EFirst there is a lecture, then a glass Wine. Both come from Yvette Wohlfahrt. Together with her boyfriend, the winemaker runs the Wohlfahrt-Franke winery in Geisenheim in the Rheingau. The two don’t even farm one hectare, but their unfiltered organic wines still have many followers. In her main job, however, Wohlfahrt is a researcher: At the university in Geisenheim, she deals with the opportunities of organic viticulture and with the effects of climate change on the work of winegrowers.

With this expertise, Wohlfahrt fits in perfectly with a new series of events that is now in Offenbach had its prelude: “Wein – Klima – Taste”. It is held in the weather and climate workshop, a temporary museum with a workshop and lecture program in downtown Offenbach, organized by the municipal cultural office and the German Weather Service. It is based in Offenbach, which is why a weather expert, agro-meteorologist Bianca Plückhahn, sat on the podium at the first edition of “Wein – Klima – Taste”. And, with the Palatinate Georg Lingenfelder, a second organic winemaker. He also had unusual, unfiltered wines to try.

The mixture of lecture, discussion and wine tasting is very well received by the audience. On the first evening there was a lively debate about a new wine culture, holistic approaches in the vineyard and alternatives to pesticides. There were also many questions and opinions from the guests. The wines – spontaneously fermented “Orange Wines” were also served – were certainly not for everyone, but provided plenty of material for discussion. In short: anyone who is equally concerned with enjoying wine and climate protection will certainly be happy with this series of events.

Three more dates are already planned, the next one is on October 13th. Then comes the Frankfurt start-up Ebb & Flow Keg. The young entrepreneurs deliver their natural wines to the catering trade in reusable stainless steel barrels – and in this way want to help establish an environmentally friendly deposit system for winegrowers.

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