Will Smith: Is his film “Emancipation” coming out soon?

Will Smith
Is his film “Emancipation” coming out soon?

Will Smith: Can he make a comeback?

Will Smith: Can he make a comeback?

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After the Oscar slap, Will Smith went quiet. But now there was a first screening of his new film “Emancipation”.

Apple on Saturday in Washington DC according to “The Hollywood Reporter” hosted the first screening of “Emancipation”. Will Smith (54) plays the main role in the film – and the future of the project therefore seemed uncertain for a long time. Smith lost his temper during the Oscars and slapped comedian Chris Rock (57) in front of an audience of millions.

For Will Smith the outbreak of violence had massive consequences – instead of basking in the sun by winning his first Oscar at the height of his career, he has since degenerated into a poison at the box office. According to the report, the screening of “Emancipation” now indicates that Apple intends to release the film by director Antoine Fuqua (56) soon. However, a start date has not yet been set.

Is the film still in the Oscar race?

Smith also spoke about “emancipation” at the event, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “This is a film about freedom. This is a film about resilience. This is a film about faith,” said the actor, among other things, about the civil war drama.

Originally there was talk of a release of the film in the fall of this year. This would be necessary to at the next Oscar-Awarded March 12, 2023. Should the film actually be in the running for a golden boy, Smith could only follow that from afar. The actor was banned from the event for ten years for his slap in the face.


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