Will Smith ’embarrassed and hurt’ by Chris Rock’s jokes

Will Smith ’embarrassed and hurt’ by Chris Rock’s jokes

Will Smith is obviously better at giving than receiving. As friends of the 54-year-old Oscar winner have now let the American media know, comedian Chris Rock’s jokes about Smith’s slap in the face and his wife Jada Pinkett Smith’s infidelity “shamed and hurt him”.

Rock, who was slapped by Smith onstage at the Dolby Theater at the 2022 Oscars, slammed the actor on Netflix’s Selective Outrage special last weekend. The 58-year-old not only portrayed Smith as an uncontrolled bully, but also poked fun at his wife Pinkett Smith’s affair with their son’s boyfriend.

Rock also recalled Smith’s discussion of the liaison in front of the cameras on his wife’s talk show. Back then, all of Hollywood laughed at Smith. The American Film Academy, which hosts the award ceremony, had excluded Smith from the award ceremony for ten years because of the “Oscar Slap”.

As Rock said a few days ago, the actor has so far failed to apologize personally.

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