Why Shakira’s revenge song against Gérard Piqué became a million hit

In her latest song, pop singer Shakira settles accounts with her ex, soccer star Gérard Piqué, following a long tradition in the pop business: revenge songs. Why is she being celebrated like this now?

In films and series, the betrayed and abandoned woman is often portrayed as a victim: from now on she spends everyday life without her previous center of life – the man – stuffing ice cream and chocolate into herself and crying “Dirty Dancing” while watching the Man blocked on all social networks.

Should happen. But it often looks different. Fortunately, most women are no longer dependent on a man and even thrive after a breakup. They pay more attention to themselves, travel around the world or treat themselves to a lot of good things.

And then there are those women who turn pain into something productive, like art or a revenge song – and make millions doing it.

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