Why Prince Harry was the last royal to learn of the Queen's death

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Five minutes before the press: why Prince Harry was the last royal to learn of the Queen's death

Prince Harry

Prince Harry does not have an easy time in the royal family

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Family members and the Prime Minister were informed of Queen Elizabeth's death several hours before the public. Prince Harry only received the call five minutes before the announcement. There is a good reason for this, however.

The death of Queen Elizabeth moves people around the world. The news of her death, however, only became public some time after the royal family. Prince Harry is said to have received the call hours after other family members. For practical reasons, as the palace points out.

When morning indicated that the Queen might not survive the day, the family made a hasty journey to Balmoral Castle in Scotland to say a personal farewell to the regent. While Prince William, together with his uncle Andrew and other relatives Flight used by the Royal Air Force, Harry took a later flight. And therefore, according to palace sources, simply could not be reached to receive the death message.

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It was only shortly before he landed in Scotland that his father, King Charles III, is said to have phoned him. Shortly thereafter, the public was informed. That the prince left only five minutes before everyone else Death His grandmother found out, but it was due to the circumstances, palace sources emphasize in the British "Telegraph": Charles insisted on not informing the public until all family members knew. And Harry was the last one who hadn't been reached before.

In fact, the palace had probably reacted angrily to a report that the prince had been left in the dark, according to several British media outlets. An internal source emphasized that the king was not in regular contact with anyone. "Everyone was focused on getting where the person needed to be." The king deliberately withheld the official announcement so that Harry would not find out about it from others. "A father spoke who cared about that."

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The fact that some observers still suspect unequal treatment of the prince is due to the other circumstances. Harry is said to have been informed later that morning about the Queen's deteriorating condition, so he had trouble catching a flight to Scotland. He didn't arrive at the castle until around 8 p.m., almost three hours after his brother William and the other relatives.

The fact that he could not be reached cannot be fully explained by the flight either. The Prince only took off from Luton Airport at around 5:35 p.m. By then the king had long since passed away. Prime Minister Liz Truss is said to have been informed more than an hour before take-off.

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Bad status

Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have a difficult time in the royal family. After they left the country and resigned from their posts, they took on a special role in the family. They were first invited to a court event on Sunday and then uninvited again after the palace emphasized that only "active" members of the royal family were expected. Harry was also the only member of the family not to appear at the Queen's funeral as an active member of the military, was not allowed to wear a uniform and did not salute in front of the coffin.

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