Why no divorce on TV?

Zfortunately there are still contemporaries today who maintain the tone of conversation, even if they have been criticized by others and are now criticizing them in turn. Wayne Rooney, former football star, had accused his former comrade-in-arms Cristiano Ronaldo of unprofessional behavior. As a result, Ronaldo, as reported by “Bild”, commented on Rooney as follows: “I will not say that I look better than him. But it is true.” One can only have respect for this reluctance coupled with undeniable fidelity to the facts. We are eager to see what happens. Next, won’t Rooney say Ronaldo is an arrogant prat?

Jorg Thomann

Editor in the “Life” section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sunday newspaper.

Married to a former football star Victoria Beckham is a step further in terms of true values. According to Neue Blatt, she gave her daughter Harper “sweet advice”: “Be the nicest girl in the class, that’s all that matters.” You don’t have to be the prettiest or the smartest.” A wise recommendation, niceness can be worked out differently than being smart or beautiful. However, we find the demand on the daughter to be the nicest in the whole class quite high: Beckham himself wasn’t even the nicest of the five Spice Girls.

Has completely pinched itself ronaldo the remark that he is also superior to Rooney in wealth. Melinda Gates no longer needs to look at money when it comes to love: “Your new guy is poor but sexy,” headlines “Bunte”. Unlike his predecessor, Melinda Gates’ new partner Jon Du Pre is not only sexy, but also style-conscious and well-trained. “But Melindas Neuer and software developer Bill do share one thing in common: both prefer to wear caps in their free time,” says “Bunte”. In this respect, Melinda remains true to her prey scheme.

How about some “muscat nut”?

Berlin’s former governing mayor Wowereit coined the “poor but sexy” slogan for his city, and in view of the fact that a complete election now has to be repeated, one could add: “and not particularly bright”. Let’s hope for Melinda Gates that this isn’t the case with her new one; in the end, the choice has to be repeated there too, and he chooses a different one. Jon Du Pre, by the way, has worked as a television correspondent for more than two decades, so it’s surprising that “Bunte” is so adamant about categorizing him as “poor.” Are your people, “Bunte”, paid so badly?

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