Why did the trans woman Ella commit suicide on Alexanderplatz?

Ella plan excluded everyone. Ella was a woman who always liked to help everyone, sometimes so much that it became too much for her. That day she pushed everyone away. She told her former neighbor, a good friend, that she was leaving Berlin and that she would have no reception there. She knew from Dagmar Harmsen, another good friend, that she had just traveled to Upper Lusatia. The last time Ella had met her was a few weeks ago. During this meeting they had shared spiritual thoughts and talked about what might come after death.

The day Ella locked everyone out was September 14, 2021, it was around 1:20 p.m. on a Tuesday. It is still unclear what the 40-year-old woman did in the hours before. She worked in a "Call a Pizza" in Berlin. She took the day off on Monday. On Tuesday she did not show up for work, but went to the Alexanderplatz. There she doused herself in gasoline and set her body on fire.

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