Who will be the new head of the CSU parliamentary group?

Last winter retreat as a member of the state parliament: CSU parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer with Markus Söder
Image: Picture Alliance

The state parliamentary group of the CSU needs a new boss after the election in autumn. Thomas Kreuzer’s successor should not only follow Söder, but also dare to resist.

DThe current retreat of the CSU parliamentary group in Kloster Banz is the last winter conference for parliamentary group leader Thomas Kreuzer. There are also private reasons why he will be retiring from politics after the elections in October. Kreuzer is 63 years old, one more period and he would be approaching 70. He has plans: he wants to work as a lawyer and travel, for example to South America. The fact that Kreuzer is leaving also has political reasons. The parliamentary group would probably not have accepted it if it had been led by him for another five years.

Kreuzer is well recognized – there is hardly a CSU deputy who is as articulate in all political fields as he is, hardly anyone who has as much experience. But Kreuzer has a problem. He has carried out the policies of the state government without any discernible resistance. This has damaged the faction’s traditionally high level of self-confidence. One MP says Kreuzer has been prime minister a couple of times for all to see Markus Soder had to refuse allegiance, just as Alois Glück used to do to Edmund Stoiber.

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