“Who steals the show from Olli Schulz?”: Joko gets his show back

“Who steals the show from Olli Schulz?”
Joko gets his shipment back

Joko Winterscheidt (left) and Olli Schulz in "Who steals the show from Olli Schulz?".

Joko Winterscheidt (left) and Olli Schulz in “Who steals the show from Olli Schulz?”.

© ProSieben / Timmy Hargesheimer

Celebrity holiday camp on ProSieben: After an entertaining evening, Joko Winterscheidt was able to bring his show back.

Olli Schulz (48) creates a holiday mood on ProSieben: On a boisterous evening, the all-rounder performed “Who is stealing the show from Olli Schulz?” After he stole his show from Joko Winterscheidt (43) the previous week. Next week, however, Winterscheidt will moderate the format again – and has to come up with a few ideas to outdo the campfire spectacle.

“I love it already,” said Winterscheidt at the beginning of the show, which Schulz introduced with a song to get the candidates and the audience in the mood for his big “holiday camp show”. A great start, everyone agreed. Winterscheidt, the actress Nilam Farooq (32), her colleague Fahri Yardim (42) and wildcard candidate Chiara then fought an exciting race for the points to enter the quiz final against the singer.

Winterscheidt got an early lead but Yardim was soon on his heels again. Farooq was knocked out as the first candidate and things didn’t look good for the wildcarder either. Chiara was then able to catch up, but still had to say goodbye as the second participant. After a mini-concert by Schulz and a head-to-head race, Winterscheidt finally made it into the final.

Fashion becomes Schulz’s undoing

There, Schulz and Winterscheidt once again had to answer questions from moderator Katrin Bauerfeind (40). With the first question, the singer was able to successfully bluff that he knew, of course, that the hashtag “#ootd” on Instagram stands for “Outfit of the Day”. At first it looked good for him too, but Winterscheidt was able to catch up and so a fashion question should decide the winner with a score of four to four points. Unlike his opponent, Schulz didn’t know that the ankles were bare in the “flanking” trend.

Winterscheidt was happy about the victory, but many a spectator should be in a sad mood after such a charming evening. “The next show from me will be much more blatant, I swear to you,” Schulz, who had obviously liked the role of showmaster, had previously announced. “I actually want to take over the show completely,” he had also explained and indicated that he could imagine an “underwater world” as a motto for the upcoming issue, for example.

ProSieben also seemed impressed by his performance. “Thank you for a very special feel-good show, dear Olli. There was a lot of love in it”, it said on the Twitter account of the station. It remains to be hoped that ProSieben will add more “feel-good shows” to its program in the future.

Winterscheidt will have to defend his show up to two more times. The fifth episode of the current fourth season shows ProSieben on August 30th, the sixth and last for the time being on September 6th.


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