White Sneaker Trends 2023: These models are hip now

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White sneakers: These trends will accompany us through 2023

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White sneakers never go out of style. Also in 2023 they are trendy.

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White sneakers are also trendy in 2023. But which models are particularly popular at the moment? We have the current trends for men and women.

They did not and will not go out of fashion: white sneakers will also be one of the shoe trends in 2023. We reveal which models are currently popular – for both men and women.

1. White Sneaker Trend 2023: Sustainability

In 2023, sustainability is more than just a “trend” when it comes to white sneakers. It is and is becoming more and more important to think sustainably and to invest in fashion that is produced in a way that conserves resources and that also offers high quality to last a long time. when it’s on sustainable sneakers comes, for example, models like that by Komrads in question that are vegan and made from recycled materials, and no waste is produced during production.

2. White sneaker trend 2023: minimalist design

While it couldn’t have been conspicuous enough in previous years, this year it can be a little more subtle. clean, minimalist white sneakers are in trend. In other words: platform soles, colors or eye-catching cuts are already too much here. Laces, sole and upper should all be white. This trend is of course ideal for combining – and also makes itself felt in the Capsule wardrobe very good. It gives every look a little coolness and down-to-earthness.

3. White sneaker trend 2023: retro models

And it goes on classically: Because too retro models will accompany us through the year 2023. The classic sneaker brands are focusing on vintage vibes this year and are consciously reminiscent of old times or reviving former classics. If you still have old models in your shoe closet, you can confidently dig them out again.

4. White sneakers trend 2023: performance sneakers

The white sneaker trends for 2023 also feature athletic models. performance modelsthat come up with a sporty look and functional materials are particularly popular. These eye-catching models are also great as a break in style, especially in summer, for example with a dress or skirt. For men, they can also be styled in an exciting way with a business look, as well as with a casual outfit made of jeans and a shirt or shirt.

5. White sneaker trend 2023: high-top models

If you want something a little more exciting, you can upgrade the white sneaker trends 2023 a bit and use subtle highlights, for example with a little color. But also high-top models are hip and ensure a stronger eye-catcher effect.

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