Which companies belong to his growing universe

ITequila bottles, electric cars and satellites are now part of the company world of the pioneer. Now the US short message service Twitter, founded 16 years ago, is added. Below is a list of Musk’s activities:

PayPal Along with Peter Thiel, Luke Nosek and Max Levchin, Musk is one of the co-founders of the online payment service established in 1998. PayPal went public in 2002 and was soon bought by eBay, turning Musk into a windfall. PayPal has been operating independently again since 2015.

SpaceX The US aerospace and telecommunications company was founded in 2002 by Musk. The goal is to one day be able to colonize Mars. The company is currently supplying the International Space Station ISS and is currently offering the most powerful launch vehicle. SpaceX now also transports private individuals into space and operates satellite internet with Starlink. The company was valued at more than $100 million last year, according to CNBC.

Tesla With a company value of more than one trillion dollars, the electric car manufacturer is currently Elon Musk’s most valuable asset. He founded the company in 2003 and built it into the largest e-car supplier in the world. Musk still holds almost 17 percent of Tesla. In addition to electric cars, the company also offers charging stations, clothing and electricity storage, and tequila has also been on the program for a while. A humanoid robot could soon be part of it.

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neural link The brain chip startup was founded in 2016. The goal of Neuralink is for people and computers to be able to communicate with each other. Ultimately, Musk, who is the company’s CEO, wants to implant Neuralink chips in human brains. Animal experiments have already been carried out. Last year, the company raised more than $200 million from investors, including Google Ventures.

The Boring Company With this company, founded in 2017, Elon Musk wants to revolutionize transport using tunnels. The aim is to build so-called hyperloops (vacuum tubes) in order to transport both freight and passengers and thus reduce traffic congestion in metropolises. To finance the projects, The Boring Company sold flamethrowers, among other things.

In addition to the companies mentioned above, Musk also has stakes in US payment service provider Stripe and AI and robotics startup Vicarious, whose investors also include Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg.

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