When Carnival 2023 will be celebrated: Big anniversary in Cologne

Dhe simplest answer to the question why we carnival celebrate, people who live in Mainz, Bonn or Cologne can give. Because there is no other way, they say. To be more precise: Because around the carnival days, as a resident of Mainz, Bonn or Cologne, you only have the option of either celebrating or going away.

This is especially true for the Shrove Monday. Anyone who hasn’t had at least one Irish coffee by eleven o’clock in the morning and fetched last year’s spinach costume from the attic will not recognize themselves in their city. Being a normal person becomes an anomaly, the deviation from the norm.

Next year it will be again from February 16 to February 21, 2023. The carnival session 2023 starts on November 11th, 2022. The carnival week, more precisely the days between Thursday (Women’s Shrovetide) and the following Mardi Gras, is the highlight of the carnival session. On Ash Wednesday everything is over and Lent begins, which in turn prepares for Easter.

Carnival is celebrated differently regionally and worldwide, with special customs and partly their own focal points. It is only logical that there are also an almost infinite number of names: Mardi Gras, Fastnacht, Fassenacht, Fasnacht, Fasnet or the fifth season.

Because it’s sometimes nice not to have to fight about what’s really important, everyone naturally believes that their description of the “great days” is the only true one. And then continue arguing about what the popular carnival pastry is really called: Krapfen (in Franconia), pancakes (Berlin) or Kreppel?

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