What you can do with coffee grounds

What you can do with coffee grounds

Good for the bed and the legs: coffee grounds
Image: dpa

What is left after brewing the morning coffee not only makes the beds beautiful, but also the legs. You can still do a lot with coffee grounds.

GFriends of species know: Coffee grounds don’t belong in the trash, but in the bed. With potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, it contains many compounds that plants like.

The Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz BUND therefore recommends spreading it directly on the beds or mixing it into the potting soil so that flowers and herbs sprout in the most beautiful way.

According to the experts, however, it is crucial that the brown powder is as dry as it was before it was brewed, otherwise mold will quickly form. In addition to the positive effect on growth, coffee grounds are also said to neutralize scents from small animals and keep ants and snails away – or prevent the bed from becoming a litter box.

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