What the election results mean for Trump and Biden

Lfear not all votes have been counted. However, a few things are becoming apparent in the Washington morning hours: The Republicans are on their way to gain control of the House of Representatives. However, their majority is unlikely to be as plentiful as hoped. It could be days – or even weeks – before we know the majority in the Senate.

Little can be seen of a red wave, but …

Sofia Dreisbach

North American political correspondent based in Washington.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

The Democrats had already prepared their statements for election night: Joe Biden fare like Barack Obama and Bill Clinton before him. After the first two years of their presidency, the incumbent’s Democratic predecessors also suffered bitter defeats. “Divided government”, i.e. the constellation in which the president has to deal with majorities of the other party in one or two chambers of Congress, is normal in America, that is what it should mean. That’s right – during the election campaign, Biden himself made sure to undermine the message: the president said at the rallies in the country that it was the most important election in his life. It is about nothing less than the continued existence of democracy. And now?

No matter how the Senate election turns out, Biden is likely to face a Republican majority in the House of Representatives. Of the 435 constituencies, 82 were contested. In order to reach the majority of 218 MPs, the Democrats would have had to win two-thirds of them. Early Wednesday morning there was little to suggest they would succeed.

Accordingly, Kevin McCarthy, the previous minority leader of the Republicans, should have a majority in the first chamber in the future. He wants to be elected Speaker of the House of Representatives on January 3rd. The hoped-for triumph of the Republicans, a true red wave, did not appear shortly after most polling stations closed: the north-east of the country, a stronghold of the democratsappeared to remain blue on the political map.

The White House had already made it clear what the Biden government would be about in the next two years: Knowing full well that the republican the Democrats want to hunt down committees of inquiry, shutdowns of the federal administration and possibly also an impeachment process, Biden will defend his legislative agenda of the past two years, i.e. the investment programs in infrastructure, climate protection and social programs – if necessary, the Democrats should also take control of the Losing the Senate with its veto power. That’s what Biden announced.

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