What the Chinese start-up Nio intends to do with the ET7 electric car

What the Chinese start-up Nio intends to do with the ET7 electric car

Dhe eyes jingle, his face turns towards the driver, and a charming computer lady stretches out her hand: “Hello, I’m Nomi and I’m happy to be in Europe.” Chinese newcomer Nio, who, after four years at home and a short foreplay in Norway, now wants to deliver the first copies of his flagship ET7 to Germany in October.

Especially not when he competes with this 5.10 meter long sedan with a good 650 hp in the luxury class of all places, where you need a broad chest and pointed elbows to prove yourself against Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche. And of course against Tesla. After all, Nio – how could it be any different for a start-up today – only builds electric cars.

Nio, founded in China in 2014 and on the streets there since 2018, should certainly allow itself a few louder tones. After all, the company is considered by many market observers to be the most promising Tesla competitor and is sometimes even traded as a “Tesla killer”. The fact that the share price surpassed that of BMW when it went public certainly didn’t damage William Li’s self-confidence.

Li is the man behind Nio and something of the Chinese answer to Elon Musk. Not only are they both about the same age, they both brought a large portion of their even larger private fortune into the company. But that’s pretty much where the parallels end, says Li, who has never met Musk and doesn’t know what else to exchange other than a few polite phrases on the electric missionaries’ first date. Li is much quieter than Musk, is politely reserved on Twitter and does not get involved in politics, nor does he seek the salvation of mankind on Mars. “After all, we have enough problems to solve here on earth that we have to deal with new ones in space.”

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