What succeeded at the Böllenfalltor in Darmstadt

IThe SV shows in the stadium at Böllenfalltor Darmstadt 98, how to play solid and sporty successful football close to the people. And the club proves that even in times like these, despite the burdens caused by the corona pandemic and a war in Europe, a traditional stadium can be made bigger and nicer by converting it. The club’s management succeeded in doing the latter without significantly exceeding the previous budget. The club had calculated the entire renovation of the stadium at 46.7 million euros. In the end, there are almost 50 million euros in the books – who would complain given the sharp rise in material costs? Not to mention the supply bottlenecks. Nevertheless, the timetable is in place and is being adhered to.

Four weeks ago, in the game against Düsseldorf, the “lilies” were cheered on by fans in the new grandstand for the first time. At the start of the second half of the season at the end of January against Jahn Regensburg, the completely renovated stadium should be available for the first time. Finally everything will be completely full again, you hardly know that here anymore: The back straight, which used to be thoughtless, is already three years old, from which you can see how long in Darmstadt already being played on a construction site. It is probably no coincidence that there is currently nothing to complain about in terms of sport. When the season resumes next year, after the World Cup and Christmas, the autumn champions of the second division will play here.

On the way to this success, there were 17 unbeaten competitive games in a row. Anyone who listened to coach Torsten Lieberknecht afterwards knows what solidity means: you’re happy, but more on the inside than on the outside. The points you have collected so far count, you cannot buy anything for the autumn championship. In the new year it must continue at the same level. In any case, the new stadium – unlike the old “Bölle” – would be ready for the first division. At the same time, important distinguishing features have been preserved: standing room also on the opposite stand, the proximity of the stands to the field, their different heights, the space in front of the main stand as a meeting place for all fans. Tradition goes hand in hand with new beginnings, and at the moment you have the feeling that the team is doing the same. The whole of Darmstadt can be happy about how Darmstadt 98 is doing at the moment. The coach is right about that too.

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