What Reid Hoffman does differently than Elon Musk

The American investor Reid Hoffman co-founded Linkedin and today gives many tips for founders.
Image: AFP

Reid Hoffman made his fortune with Paypal, Linkedin and Airbnb. Today he invests in artificial intelligence, follows the paths of Elon Musk and teaches what founders need.

Zfor the life of an investor also means saying no to new ideas. But sometimes a yes would have been better – even for Reid Hoffman, who also became a billionaire with his commitment to Airbnb, Facebook and LinkedIn. But as a Tesla boss Elon Musk When asked if he wanted to join his space company, Hoffman declined. “I think I was the second person he introduced SpaceX to,” he recalls today. “And I said, oh my god, this isn’t going to work. This is an industry dominated by ex-Air Force soldiers selling Russian missiles and contracts.”

Hoffman, 55, has played the American startup game and still not enough. Maybe he was wrong, but damn often spot on. He made the Paypal payment service big together with Elon Musk and Peter Thiel, and later founded the online network linkedin, invested early in all kinds of start-ups and is now a partner in the large venture capitalist Greylock. At the beginning of the video call this week, Hoffman first says “Guten Tag” in German before he then reports in English in a friendly and open manner about his experiences with founding a company.

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