What a breakdown helper experiences in action

Be self-confident, stay calm, be open to everyone and everything: Michael Werner on assignment in Berlin-Charlottenburg
Image: Julia Zimmerman

The tone is cheeky, men know everything better, you have to keep the elderly parents away from the wheel with a trick: what a breakdown helper experiences.

Wdealing with cars also has to do with people. In the training to become a car mechanic or car mechatronics technician, you are not prepared at all for situations where someone is crying because the world is collapsing for you – and then the car as well.

Eight years ago, when I moved from the auto repair shop to ADAC changed, I was happy: I thought I would help, I don’t have to issue an invoice, everyone is happy. This is not always the case. Breakdown helpers are silent observers on the road and thus of society. When we’re out and about, we notice the atmosphere, and I can often feel it in Berlin: people are very tense, everything is getting faster, more hectic, and louder. Expectations of us are also sometimes high. Never before have I used the sentence as often as in the last two years: “But I didn’t break your car!”

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