“Wetten, dass ..?”: Ten million tune in – significantly fewer than in 2021

Rating for “Wetten, dass…?”
Gottschalk cracks the 10 million mark – but remains well behind last year’s success

Thomas Gottschalk in the episode of broadcast on Saturday "Bet that..?"

Thomas Gottschalk at the episode of “Wetten, dass..?” that was broadcast on Saturday.

© Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

No chance against “Wetten, dass…?”, the ZDF show has a good rating. However, Thomas Gottschalk and Michelle Hunziker are a long way from the previous year’s figure.

entertainer Thomas Gottschalk also with the second revival episode of “Wetten, dass..?” achieved an excellent audience rating and cracked the 10 million mark. The ZDF show from Friedrichshafen saw 10.09 million viewers on Saturday evening. The market share was 39.5 percent.

The retro show was also well received by the younger target group of 14 to 59 year olds: 4.72 million viewers meant a market share of 40.4 percent in this age group. To the guests of showmaster Gottschalk, 72, and co-host Michelle Hunziker45, included British pop star Robbie Williams and musician Herbert Grönemeyer.

“Wetten, dass…?”: Almost four million viewers less than 2021

However, Gottschalk clearly missed the huge success of the previous year: With the TV comeback of “Wetten, dass…?” around a year ago in Nuremberg there were even 13.8 million viewers (45.7 percent market share). Eleven years ago Gottschalk had in Friedrichshafen celebrated his departure from the show. At that time, 14.73 million viewers (market share 46.0 percent) watched.

On Saturday evening, the competition competed against “Wetten, dass ..?” hardly a chance. 3.14 million (11.4 percent) chose the ARD thriller “Die Toten am Meer”. The RTL clip show “The most fascinating animal stories in the world” saw 1.11 million (4.6 percent) and the action film “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” on ProSieben 1.09 million (4.1 percent).

Sat.1 came with the fantasy adventure “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” to 1.00 million (3.9 percent) and Vox with the sci-fi thriller “The 5th Wave” to 0.86 million ( 3.2 percent). 0.47 million (1.7 percent) watched the action film “Lethal Weapon 3 – The professionals are back” on RTLzwei and 0.40 million (1.5 percent) watched the action series “MacGyver” on Kabel eins.


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