Were Reich citizens planning a putsch? – Politics

The Attorney General is investigating a suspected right-wing terrorist group that is said to have planned an attack on the Bundestag and a violent coup d’etat. The trail leads to a prince and a former AfD member of the Bundestag. And what particularly worries the investigators: to former special forces of the Bundeswehr.

By Florian Flade and

Jorg SchmittMunich

In his 16-minute speech, Her Highness did not omit even the most confused conspiracy-mythological thesis. Gray hair slicked back, light blue suit, light blue shirt, subtle light blue tie, pocket handkerchief, this is how Heinrich XIII Prince Reuss (71) stands on the podium in mid-January 2019 at the Worldwebforum, an annual meeting of self-proclaimed pioneers of the “digital world” in Zurich. His lecture: Rather analogue-complicated. The monarchy? Destroyed by the Jewish financial industry. The First World War? Instigated by foreign Freemasons. Germany? No sovereign state. Constitution? No constitution, but written by the Allies to rule Germany.

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