Werder Bremen: Team cash box stolen from the cabin

Werder Bremen: Team cash box stolen from the cabin

Aus the dressing room of Werder Bremen the team treasury has been stolen. As the “Deichstube” portal reported on Tuesday, the team stored a low five-digit amount of money in the cabin. Actually, this area of ​​a professional team is well protected.

“Yes, the team treasury went away a few months ago. We don’t know where she went,” Werder’s professional football manager Clemens Fritz was quoted as saying. The club also called the police, but so far without any result. Fritz did not explain where the money was kept. “We have to be even more careful and have restricted access even more,” he told the “Deichstube”.

Complaint was filed

The Bremen police confirmed the incident on request and said they were in close contact with Werder. A complaint had been filed and the investigation would continue.

The dressing room of a professional club is usually difficult to access for outsiders. “That annoyed us all and caused a bit of unrest at the time,” said 42-year-old Fritz. Internal penalties for those who are late or for other offenses that harm the team flow into the coffers. After the season, many teams use the money to finance joint trips and vacations.

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