Weather before Christmas is mild, but black ice in Bavaria

Weather before Christmas is mild, but black ice in Bavaria

Mild, cloudy and rainy, but also icy – ​​these are the weather forecast for the days before Christmas in Germany. Sometimes maximum values ​​​​of more than ten degrees are expected, in some regions even temperatures over 15 degrees are expected, like the German Weather Service (DWD) announced in Offenbach on Tuesday.

In the night of Wednesday, there is again a risk of black ice, especially in the Saxon mountains and in parts bavaria. The slippery weather in the south-east on Wednesday can last into the morning. After that, the situation should calm down.

On Wednesday, mostly gray weather is expected to rain at times. The temperatures rise to 6 to 11 degrees, up to 13 degrees are possible on the Upper Rhine, in south-eastern Bavaria only 2 to 6 degrees. Stormy gusts are expected in the mountains and by the sea.

Continue to expect smoothness

In the night to Thursday it can be slippery again in the southeast. According to the meteorologists, a stormy wind is still blowing in mountainous areas and on the North Sea. It will continue to be gray and rainy on Thursday – south of the Danube, on the other hand, people can look forward to some sun.

While the maximum values ​​in the north-east and south-east are a maximum of 6 degrees, a very mild 15 degrees are possible on the Upper Rhine. It will be windy nationwide, isolated stormy gusts are expected in the southwest, and it will be stormy in the higher mountains.

After a short rain break on Friday morning, heavy and longer-lasting rain will come from the west and south-west. On the other hand, little precipitation is expected in a strip from Schleswig-Holstein to the Uckermark. Temperatures peak between 9 and 16 degrees in the southwest and 5 to 10 degrees in the northeast. In higher mountains and in the foothills of the Alps, the meteorologists are again expecting gusts of wind.

According to the DWD, the Christmas days will remain “with these values ​​that are clearly too mild in windy and occasionally wet weather”.

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