We will probably need more short-time work again soon

We will probably need more short-time work again soon

Woman Nahleshave you ever used the services of the Federal Employment Agency in your professional life?

Britta Beeger

Editor in business and responsible for “The Lounge”.

Yes, I have. But that was a long time ago, that was in the eighth grade at secondary school. We visited the careers information center. I still remember being quite amazed at how many different training occupations there are. At that time there were probably almost 300, today there are a few more.

And what career aspirations did you take with you?

Honestly, no specific one. Then I just finished high school. You know what became of me later. But I do know one thing: This career orientation is enormously valuable, even if it is only as a very first rough orientation. Right now we are seeing on the training market how difficult it is for many young people to find the right entry – after career orientation was hardly possible at schools during the pandemic.

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