“We cannot postpone the climate crisis” – Baerbock insists on additional climate efforts worldwide

Annalena Bärbock

Germany and Egypt are hosting the Berlin meeting.

(Photo: IMAGO/photothek)

Berlin Foreign Minister Annelena Baerbock sees major challenges in the global fight against the climate crisis. “As a whole, we simply cannot afford further delays and compromises,” warned the Green politician on Tuesday Berlin before the conclusion of the Petersberg climate dialogue. Intensive, honest debates and discussions were held for two days, “because we are already seeing that we are in danger of drifting further apart again on the climate issue.”

“We cannot postpone the climate crisis,” she added, referring to drought in Africa and the heatwave in Europe. The climate crisis is not just another crisis. “Rather, as a large, overriding crisis, it overshadows all other crises and acts like a fire accelerator,” said Baerbock. She spoke out against reducing efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in favor of measures to adapt to climate change.

More recently, security and the necessary trust have been further lost, first by the pandemic, then by the Russian war of aggression, which is shaking the foundations of the international order and further fueling the resulting energy and global hunger crisis. “In this situation, there is a great danger that old conflicts will break out again, including in the climate negotiations,” warned Baerbock.

Germany and Egypt are organizers of the Berlin meeting, which also sets the course for the World Climate Conference COP27 in early November in the Egyptian coastal town of Sharm el-Sheikh.

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