Washington takes action against Iranian cybercriminals

Wuring the negotiations in Vienna about a return to the nuclear agreement Iran stuck in an impasse, Washington is cracking down on Iranian cybercriminals. The American judiciary has indicted three Iranians with ties to the Revolutionary Guards. They are accused of hacking to blackmail organizations and businesses in the United States and other countries. This was announced by the judiciary in New Jersey.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

The defendants are said to have demanded hundreds of thousands of dollars from people using ransomware. Among the victims in the United States These include regional electric utilities, New Jersey and Wyoming municipalities, a public housing company, and also a women's shelter in Pennsylvania.

The Justice Department stressed that the defendants are not charged with disrupting power supplies or shutting down other critical infrastructure. The three Iranian citizens also acted alone and not on behalf of the regime in Tehran. However, government representatives said that the Revolutionary Guards in Iran deliberately ignored such activities and made them possible. The Iranian government has created a safe haven for such crimes, the Justice Ministry said.

Assets in America are frozen

The three accused live in Iran. Therefore, it is very unlikely that the American judiciary will be able to take them into custody. However, the charges restrict the freedom of movement of the three men outside of Iran, it said. The measure also has a deterrent effect.

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