Washington gives up efforts to revive Iran nuclear deal

Washington gives up efforts to revive Iran nuclear deal

DThe United States is helping to revive the nuclear deal Iran up for now. Although the door will be left open for negotiations, the US government will now focus on a policy of sanctions and pressure, US special envoy for Iran Robert Malley told journalists in Paris on Monday.

He justified the change of course with the actions of Iranian security forces against anti-government demonstrators and with the sale of combat drones to Russia. In addition, the negotiations have not progressed. At talks in Vienna, a compromise in the dispute over the agreement had been sought for months without success.

US special envoy warns Tehran

The 2015 agreement between the Islamic Republic and an international group of six countries limited uranium enrichment in Iran. This should make the development of nuclear weapons more difficult. In return, sanctions lifted against Iran. In 2018, then-US President Donald Trump unilaterally terminated the treaty and imposed new sanctions. Iran then began to break its promises. President Joe Biden originally wanted to revive the agreement.

If Iran crosses new borders with its nuclear program, then there will be a response coordinated with its European partners, Malley said without going into specifics. According to diplomats, Malley will coordinate with his French, British and German counterparts in Paris on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, following reports of protesters being sentenced to death and imprisoned in Iran, the US administration has expressed “deeply concerned” about the situation in the country. “The eyes of the world are on Iran,” Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said. on Monday with The human rights violations committed by the Iranian government should not remain without consequences, he demanded. Hundreds of protesters who have already been killed deserve justice.

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