Warming bath: The best tips for a relaxing bath

Warming bath: The best tips for a relaxing bath

Warm bath
The best tips for a relaxing bath

Wellness at home: You can relax wonderfully in the bathtub.

Wellness at home: You can relax wonderfully in the bathtub.

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Especially in the cold season, bathing in the bathtub is popular. If you avoid these mistakes, you are doing something good for your body.

Bathing is not only for body care, but also offers balance and relaxation. The warm water ensures, among other things, that the body really relaxes. So that bathing is also good for our health, there are a few mistakes to avoid.

Don’t bathe too hot

These often start at the wrong temperature. Water that is too hot damages our skin and dries it out. In addition, the high temperature can then trigger circulatory problems. A water temperature of 38 degrees is ideal for a relaxing break.

Don’t bathe too long

Bathing too long is also not good for our body. If the skin comes into contact with water, the natural protective film is rinsed off. This also causes it to dry out. A bath should therefore not last longer than 20 minutes.

Not right after eating

Anyone with a full stomach in the bathtub rises, challenges your own circulation. The body already works at full speed after eating to digest it. He hardly gets any rest in the bathtub. Instead, prefer to have a light meal after bathing.

The right bath additive

It makes sense to decide on a bath additive that is tailored to your own needs before you bathe, because depending on the ingredients, it promotes well-being. Essential oils are particularly popular, for example with lavender. These usually have a calming effect and also allow us to sleep better. If you want to rid your skin of dead skin cells, you can treat it with a peeling, which can also be done with salt, sugar or coffee powder, for example.

Our insider tip: Add 100 milliliters of milk and two tablespoons of olive oil to the bath water. The proteins contained in milk have a moisturizing effect. In combination with the oil, the skin is additionally padded, smoothed and moisturized.

Shower thoroughly

Before you get out of the bath, you should rinse yourself thoroughly with lukewarm water and remove any residue of the bath additive. Because foam residues also dry out the skin and can cause irritation.

Dry gently

Finally, gently dry the softened skin with a towel. Allow wet areas to air dry. Then treat the skin with a rich moisturizing cream.


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