War in Ukraine: Union requests heavy weapons for Ukraine in application

war in Ukraine
Union calls for heavy weapons for Ukraine in application

Ukraine has repeatedly demanded main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers from Western countries such as Germany.  Photo: Csaba Krizsan/MTI/A

Ukraine has repeatedly demanded main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers from Western countries such as Germany. photo

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The opposition faction demands in the motion that Germany must "take on leadership responsibility" and supply heavy weapons. The head of the Munich Security Conference takes a similar line.

The Union wants the controversial issue of supplying heavy weapons to the Ukraine put to the vote in the Bundestag. The application entitled "Defend peace and freedom in Europe - now resolutely support Ukraine with heavy weapons" has been submitted to the German Press Agency. According to the agenda of the Bundestag, it was initially unclear whether the motion should be voted on directly after the debate on Thursday or whether it should be referred to the committees for further discussion.

The motion by the opposition faction states: "As the economically strongest European nation, Germany now assume leadership responsibility and deliver heavy weapon systems - including those from the Bundeswehr stocks - to the Ukraine and carry out the necessary training. "In particular, those battle tanks and armored personnel carriers from industrial stocks that are quickly available must be delivered to Ukraine more quickly." This is also expected of many of our Eastern European partners, who have themselves devoted enormous resources to supporting Ukraine."

The application relates to April 28, when the Bundestag agreed to the delivery of heavy weapons to Ukraine - with a large majority of the traffic light coalition and the Union. The Union criticizes that the red-green-yellow federal government has only insufficiently fulfilled the demands of Parliament formulated therein.

Chief of the Main Battle Tank Supply Security Conference

The head of Munich Security Conference, Christoph Heusgen, has also campaigned to supply main battle tanks to Ukraine. "The pictures from the liberated areas of Ukraine are terrible. The Russian soldiers systematically committed war crimes there," he told the editorial network Germany. "We must now do our utmost to support the Ukrainian armed forces so that they can retake their country and end the suffering of the people. This includes heavy weapons, especially battle tanks, which the Ukrainians now need."

Of course, Germany should not deliver alone, said Heusgen further. Rather, it should join forces with the countries that had the Leopard tank, for example. According to him, the countries could train, deliver and take care of the maintenance together. Heusgen said: "Germany would do well to take the lead."

Ukraine has also repeatedly demanded that western states like Germany have main battle tanks and armored personnel carriers that troops could use in advances and when retaking areas, and that are built for use in direct combat. So far, no NATO country has delivered western-style main battle tanks. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) always emphasizes that Germany will not go it alone on this issue.


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