War against Ukraine: US pledges further military aid to Ukraine

war against Ukraine
US pledges more military aid to Ukraine

The US wants to continue supporting Ukraine in the fight against the Russian occupiers.  Photo: Jose Luis Magana/FR159526 AP/dpa

The US wants to continue supporting Ukraine in the fight against the Russian occupiers. photo

© Jose Luis Magana/FR159526 AP/dpa

Further aid to Ukraine comes from the USA - in the form of arms, ammunition and equipment. Washington pledged $600 million in aid to the country.

The US government has Ukraine promised further military aid for defense in the war against the aggressor Russia.

The US State Department announced on Thursday evening (local time) in Washington that it would support Kyiv in the amount of 600 million US dollars (around 600 million euros). the United States provide Ukraine with additional weapons, ammunition and equipment from US Department of Defense stocks. This brings US military support to Ukraine to a total equivalent of $15.8 billion since the beginning of Biden's tenure, according to the ministry.

Various aid packages for Ukraine from the USA

Most of the aid has been granted since the beginning of the war on February 24th. In recent months, the Americans have launched various aid packages for Ukraine on a large scale and in rapid succession. Their focus was initially on delivering weapons and ammunition to the front in Ukraine as quickly as possible - often from stocks of the USmilitary. Recently, the USA also considered a longer-term strengthening of the Ukrainian military.

At the end of August, exactly six months to the day after the start of the war, Biden announced the largest single package to date, worth almost three billion dollars. Then, in early September, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced during a surprise visit to Kyiv another aid package worth 2.2 billion dollars, with which Ukraine and 18 states in Eastern and Southern Europe are also to be militarily strengthened in the long term.

Nearly $40 billion in support

The US has plunked down massive sums of money in support of Ukraine. In May, the US Congress approved funds totaling almost $40 billion. About half of the total amount went to the defense sector. Billions more were budgeted to, among other things, replenish US stockpiles of military equipment sent to Ukraine. Still other funds were earmarked for, among other things, humanitarian aid for refugees from Ukraine.


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