Volleyball coach Heynen: "Men think too little, women too much" - Sport

In 2018, Vital Heynen led Poland to World Cup gold. With the German volleyball players, the Belgian is now starting a women's tournament for the first time. A conversation about differences, emotional closeness and disciplinary distance.

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Sebastian Winters

The women's volleyball world championship begins this Friday in the Netherlands and Poland. Favorites for the title are Olympic champion USA, world champion Serbia and European champion Italy. The German national team are only outsiders, but cannot complain about not receiving enough attention before their first group game on Sunday (7 p.m., Arnhem) against Bulgaria. Since this year, the "Butterflies" have been trained by Belgian Vital Heynen. The 53-year-old was initially successful as a player and coach in Maaseik, the FC Bayern of Belgian volleyball. In 2014, the German men under him won bronze, their first World Cup medal in 44 years, and in 2018 he became world champion with Poland. After 15 years with the men, Heynen, who speaks four languages ​​fluently ("I got my German from the ARD sports show"), switched to the women for the first time - a daring experiment.

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