Vip News: Lady Gaga sends emotional message to fans after the concert was canceled

September 18, 2022
In tears: Lady Gaga sends an emotional message to fans
The grand finale of Lady Gaga's "Chromatic Ball" tour was to be celebrated in Miami on Saturday evening. But the weather didn't cooperate. It poured from buckets, lightning struck. The concert had to be canceled for safety reasons. Subsequently, a visibly touched Lady Gaga via video message on Instagram the word to their fans. They really wanted to end the concert, but the situation didn't allow it, she explained, fighting back tears. "Look, for a really long time I've always wanted to be super tough. But what I really want is to be really responsible and loving," she said. The decision to cancel the concert was a healthy decision - for everyone. Because life is more important than any epic performance in the rain. "I don't know what I would do if something happened to anyone in the audience or anyone in the band, the crew, the dancers." Another selfie shows how important this tour, the concert and the fans were and are to the 36-year-old, showing Lady Gaga with a bouquet of flowers that had been thrown on stage. She wrote: "It was the greatest tour of my life and I will cherish this moment forever. Thank you for the flowers and the greetings and for understanding. Life matters."

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