Vietnam demands China withdraw from sea area

Vietnam demands China withdraw from sea area

In the South China Sea, the conflict between China and Vietnam on sea area rights. The Foreign Ministry in Beijing on Friday rejected calls by Vietnam to withdraw a convoy of ships from its Exclusive Economic Zone. The Chinese ships would carry out “ordinary work” in accordance with the law, ministry spokesman Mao Ning said. According to the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, exclusive economic zones can be up to 200 nautical miles off the coast. The coastal state has the right to sole economic exploitation. According to international rules, ships are allowed to cross the zones of other countries.

had on Thursday Vietnam China accused of violating its sovereignty. The Xiang Yang Hong 10 research vessel, Chinese Coast Guard ships and Chinese fishing trawlers should immediately leave Vietnam’s Exclusive Economic Zone, according to a statement by the Foreign Ministry in Hanoi. According to data from the non-governmental organization South China Sea Chronicle Initiative, the association has been in the disputed waters since May 7. Accordingly, the ships are to cross near a gas field in which a Vietnamese-Russian joint venture is producing gas.

According to Stanford University specialist Ray Powell, two Vietnamese fishing boats are 200 to 300 meters away from the Chinese association. Powell directs the Myoushu project, which covers Chinese activities in the South China Sea observed. He described the process as a “worrying escalation”.

China claims much of the waters in the South China Sea where gas or oil has been discovered or suspected to be found under the seabed. This also includes areas that belong to the Vietnamese Exclusive Economic Zone. China also disputes rights to sea areas with the Philippines and Indonesia.

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