Victory in Arizona: Democrats increase chances in race for US Senate

Watch the video: Victory in Arizona – Democrats increase chances in race for US Senate

In the US, Democrats have improved their chances of maintaining their razor-thin majority in the Senate. In the US state of Arizona, they were able to defend their seat in the congressional chamber in the midterm elections, according to the results on Friday evening. There, after days of counting crime, the Democratic mandate holder Mark Kelly prevailed against the Republican competitor Blake Masters. With the victory of ex-astronaut Kelly, Democrats and Republicans now have 49 seats each. With the results from two states still outstanding, the Democrats are only missing one seat to defend their majority in the Senate. Because if the current stalemate of 50 seats remains, the Democrats will retain their narrow majority thanks to the decisive vote of Vice President Kamala Harris as Senate chairperson. Now the focus is on the count in Nevada. Should the Democrats prevail there, too, they would have already defended their majority. However, if the seat goes to the Republicans, the decision on who will control the Senate in the future will not be made until December. Because then there will be a runoff election in Georgia on December 6th.

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