Victoria Swarovski: This is how she celebrates Christmas

Victoria Swarovski
This is how she celebrates Christmas

Victoria Swarovski is looking forward to family time at Christmas.

Victoria Swarovski is looking forward to family time at Christmas.

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In an interview, Victoria Swarovski reveals why there are no gifts in her family this year.

at Victoria Swarovski (29) the anticipation in the Advent season is great every year: “For me, Christmas is the most beautiful day of the year,” she enthuses in an interview with spot on news. On that day, the family comes together and “we do as much as we don’t do all year,” explains the moderator. “We decorate the Christmas tree together, cook together and go to church – well, we really have plans for the day (laughs). But it’s really nice.”

For them, decorating the Christmas tree should not be missing as a Christmas tradition. “The whole family puts on the same jumper and meets by the tree at ten o’clock for a glass of champagne. Then we decorate, listen to Christmas music and talk about what’s happened throughout the year.”

Donations instead of gifts

Christmas is also a special occasion for the 29-year-old when it comes to fashion. “We’ll definitely dress up.” A special feature of this festival: your family made a conscious decision not to give presents this year, explains Swarovski. “We said this isn’t the time for it. We’re doing very well. We’d rather donate the money.”

This year, the presenter was also put into the Christmas spirit by her job. Swarovski presents together with Daniel Hartwich (44) on December 23 at 8:15 p.m. (also on RTL +) “Let’s Dance – The Big Christmas Show” on RTL. The presenter is looking forward to the broadcast, as she revealed in an interview. “The studio is so beautifully decorated for Christmas and festivities. It’s the perfect show for families who want to spend time together on the 23rd and sit together in front of the sofa.” Within the “Let’s Dance” family, the presenter attended a Christmas party early on. “We don’t run out of occasions to celebrate together (laughs).”


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